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Winning Through Enlightenment


Winning Through Enlightenment was written to challenge you deeply. It will challenge that unskillful part of your mind which denies "what is" in your life. It will challenge the many illusions that destroy your aliveness, your attempts to get your life to work by blaming others for the experiences you create, and the distortions that keep you stuck in feelings of separateness. It will also challenge that wonderful part of you that has the capacity to understand yourself and the world, to effectively change your life, and to love yourself and others increasingly. It can help you understand the roadblocks between your heart and the hearts of others.

Ron Smothermon does not spoon-feed you with long chapters of expanded explanation. He strikes like lightening — and then moves on. Winning Through Enlightenment contains enough "meat" for many books and will repay rereading many times. It is a book to be gradually absorbed. Many of its "secrets" for making your life work cannot be taught-they have to be "caught."

Winning Through Enlightenment offers you many rewards for effectively transplanting its life-giving insights from the printed page into the moment-to-moment operation of your mind. It does all that a book can do — it gives you the information that can transform your life. But only you, through your determined application, can develop the skills and insight that makes this knowledge effective in your life.

Ken Keyes, Jr.

"Ron ... Congratulations on ... your book ... it gives evidence that you are a thinker."

"Ron ... Thank you for contributing so fully."

"Ron's book strikes like lightening - and then moves on. it does all that a book can do - it gives you the information that can transform your life."

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